Host It Yourself™

Hello webmaster,

Feel free to use the scripts you find on my website; they are released under an open source license, which allows you to do almost anything with them.

But, in addition to the license conditions, I have 1 extra request:
Please download the scripts, and host them with your own website; do not link directly to the scripts at js.ohreally.nl.

Companies like Google try to make you believe that it is convenient to have them host your JavaScripts (and your fonts, your statistics, your mail, and all those other things you could just as easily host yourself). They only do so, because this enables them to track your, and your visitors', moves around the internet.

I care about privacy.
The most valuable thing a human being can have is freedom, and privacy is the base of freedom: simply knowing that you can do what you want (within reasonable limits), without any government or company keeping an eye on you.
And it's not just my privacy I care about. Your privacy and the privacy of your website's visitors are just as important to me as my own.
And that is why I ask you to host these scripts yourself: so your visitors can be 100% sure that there is no third party between them and the website they visit.

To motivate you a bit more, the scripts will all prepend an annoying <div/> to your pages, if you link to them directly. This <div/> will not be shown if you download the scripts from their respective info pages and host them with your own website.

Let's not sell our freedom.

    Rob (ohreally.nl)